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TEANECK, N.J. (AP) — Port Authority of New York and New Jersey police have arrested a man who owes more than $56,000 in unpaid tolls and fees. failed to post a payment in an EZ-Pass lane on the.

Anthony Cotugno, 60, owes more than $40,700 in tolls. the George Washington Bridge without stopping — even as the lane’s sign showed no toll was paid, authorities said. Eagle-eyed Port Authority.

Add “driving while black in the EZ-Pass lane when you don’t have an EZ. arrested by Port Authority police Wednesday morning for toll evasion as he was approaching the George Washington Bridge on.

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Last year, tolls on the George Washington Bridge and other spans between New York and New Jersey increased by as much as $4 for E-Z Pass users, with another $2 increase scheduled for 2014. At the time.

A tricky trucker was fishing for trouble when he rigged his front license plate to flip up and disappear when going through the toll plaza on the George Washington Bridge. without a visible front.

Kerron Maittia, 38, is accused of short-changing the toll. car E-Z Pass to drive a big rig across bridges, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Maittia was nabbed Friday.

Courtesy of Port Authority Police Department FORT LEE – A driver is accused of rigging his tractor-trailer Wednesday night with fishing line to pull on and conceal his license plate as he passed.

Traffic approaches the George Washington. toll revenues of $123 million, for a total of $1.637 billion, resulting from the toll increase and predicted higher traffic volumes of 114.9 million.

Port Authority Police Officer Lionel Gonzalez spotted a 1982 Kenworth dump truck rolling through the toll plaza on the New Jersey side of the upper level of the George Washington Bridge. plate he.

FORT LEE — A man driving a car across the George Washington Bridge with a commercial vehicle EZ Pass was stopped by police and arrested. theft of services, toll evasion and driving on a suspended.

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FORT LEE– A New Milford man was charged Friday with toll evasion and theft. lower level of the eastbound George Washington Bridge around 9 a.m. and was stopped by police. When asked, Coombs was.

FORT LEE – A Teaneck woman was arrested on Monday after police discovered she had nearly $7,000 in unpaid EZ Pass tolls and fees, police said. Annikea Bernard, 35, was arrested after she pulled.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The cash-strapped Port Authority has allowed thousands of drivers to zip through E-Z Pass toll lanes on its bridges. as well as the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, and the.

Police said a disappearing-reappearing license plate was part of a Virginia trucker’s trick to dodge paying tolls. Nelson Vaquiz of Beaverdam was arrested on his way into New York City on the George.

Port Authority Police Officer Lionel Gonzalez was at the George Washington Bridge toll plaza in Fort Lee Friday morning when he saw a black Porsche drive through an EZ-Pass toll lane with no EZ-Pass.

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Police say an officer at the George Washington Bridge saw 31-year-old Alesandel Rodriguez driving his Toyota Camry with no front or rear license plates through an EZ-Pass lane. Officers noticed that.

A New Jersey man who avoided paying tolls nearly 900 times and owes more than. Rodriguez’s car Friday morning after it failed to post a payment in an EZ-Pass lane on the George Washington Bridge in.