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New York Daily News writes: A woman wearing an anti-Trump T-shirt climbed the base of the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day, sparking a mass evacuation of Liberty Island and a nearly four-hour.

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U.S. Parks Police evacuated Liberty Island of tourists after the woman, identified as 44-year-old Staten Island resident Therese Patricia Okoumou, climbed to the base of the statue. Okoumou moved.

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As Americans celebrate July 4th, CNN reports that a woman has climbed the Statue of Liberty. at various points walking around underneath Lady Liberty’s sandal, waving what appeared to be a T-shirt.

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I can think of no better time than the fourth of July, nor no better way to draw attention to the violence that is being done in the name of borders than to physically transcend those hallowed words.

An unrepentant activist who scaled the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal to protest President Trump’s. hour standoff that began about 3 p.m. when someone noticed her waving a T-shirt with the words.

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NEW YORK (WABC) — After more than two hours, police apprehended a woman who climbed the Statue of Liberty. U.S. Parks Police evacuated. Okoumou moved around occasionally and waved a t-shirt at.

The store is owned by former New Yorker Audrey Lentz, who said that she always has had a small but loyal market for the posters, greeting cards and T-shirts bearing Miss Liberty’s image. "I’ve carried.

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A woman was spotted climbing the Statue of Liberty in New York City on Wednesday afternoon. climber lying down on the statue’s base and sometimes moving and waving a t-shirt in the air. The reports.

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Therese Patricia Okoumou, an immigrant activist who was arrested after scaling the Statue of Liberty yesterday and refusing to leave. cheering as Okoumou—who wore an inside-out shirt with the words.

Therese Okoumou was treated like a rock star by people wearing pro-immigration T-shirts who attended her arraignment on misdemeanor charges for climbing the icon of freedom. see also Immigration.

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NEW YORK — An unrepentant protester who climbed the base of the Statue of Liberty on a busy Fourth of July in what. Okoumou, who goes by her middle name, Patricia, sported a T-shirt reading "White.

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Therese Patricia Okoumou, 44, an immigrant from the Republic of the Congo, climbed to the base of the Statue of Liberty on Wednesday wearing a “Trump Care Makes Us Sick" t-shirt at around 3 p.m.

A New York federal judge wants a ladder and a visit to the Statue of Liberty before he sentences a woman who has. Okoumou was seen holding a t-shirt displaying the words "Rise and Resist" and.

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