William Penn Land Grants

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[1] Pennsylvania was, after all, a proprietary colony headed by dual proprietors, Thomas and Richard Penn. Outside of Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, vast tracts of land were held. in.

1681: William Penn receives his charter for Pennsylvania, which grants him a chunk of land west of the Delaware River with a southern border identical to Marlyland’s northern border, the 40 th.

including the "Old Line State," a possible reference to its being the "dividing line between the land grants given to William Penn and Lord Baltimore," according to a state website. quicklist: 5.

Federal grants make up $50,000 of the. that fosters historic preservation, land preservation and environmental education. The state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the William.

NORRISTOWN >> In what is likely the final funding from the current cycle of Montco2040 grants, the county has awarded $35,000 to Plymouth Township to preserve land along Germantown. were designed.

The New Jersey Conservation Foundation, using grants from. Space Institute, William Penn Foundation, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Victoria Foundation and the Nature Conservancy. The New Jersey.

The American Littoral Society focuses on land use and preservation issues within. The roughly $70,000 project is funded through grants from National Fish and Wildlife, William Penn, and matches.

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and $885,000 from the Land Conservancy of New Jersey and the William Penn Foundation through the Open Space Institute, with matching grants from Green Acres. The property includes 16 different.

Preservation of these Cumberland County properties is being supported by partners including the Open Space Institute (OSI), an organization that has approved grants. William Penn Foundation, which.

Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Department of Environmental Protection has awarded more than $900,000 in annual coastal zone management grants to organizations. them through the.

Jeremy Nowak, former president of the William Penn Foundation and author of “The New Localism. has been appointed founding executive director of the Douglass Community Land Trust. Wende Burton, a.

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That’s how the about 630,000 acres of land is described in an 1883 book called “History. Some moved south and west, he said. William Penn created Bucks, Chester and Philadelphia counties in 1682.

The eight- to 10-foot trees Parke can offer land owners for free provide a buffer. It’s among the organizations that have earned the investment of the William Penn Foundation, which pledged $35.

Most of Bethlehem’s neediest schools met targets in 2010-11, but state cuts to tutoring grants helped land those schools back. School increased its reading proficiency by 16 percent. William Penn.

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William Penn also had succeeded in embracing the Swedish and Dutch families that had settled Delaware Valley before it became English. They became his advocates in negotiations with native tribes,

Palmer Township supervisors say a 1.3-acre tract of township land at 25th Street and William Penn Highway is worth about $400,000. estimated at $100,000, even though grants may be available to pay.

The Delaware River Watershed covers 13,539 square miles of land and water and is home. combined with $3.9 million in grants over the last two years, NFWF’s grantees are able to leverage the William.